"Enter into the next level of cruising. In the vein of the multi award winning Bolt comes this all-sex feature, shot on location in Germany. Set in a pre-World War II abandoned electrical plant on the outskirts of Berlin, Köllide stars Rascal Exclusives Eddie Stone, Jan Fischer, Johnny Hazzard, Tristan Bennet and a cast of international studs from Germany, Italy and Spain.

Have you ever dreamed of a place that exists where men can go to release their wildest exhibitionist fantasies? Köllide is where you can find just that place. Horny militant studs enter the premises of this compound and soon find themselves in the midst of some wild unabashed sex games. Follow the hot and nasty exploits of these international studs as they search for the ultimate hook-up. You won't believe your eyes when you see the shameless situations these men get themselves into, cruising the grounds in the plant."

from the Rascal Video release notes


say what you will about porn, but it got me over the pond for my first visit overseas. shot in a WW2 power plant in Berlin over a week, it proved to b not only a perk to my job but an experience that was both enlightening and humbling.

the set was just as u might expect: massive, with huge chains hanging form the ceiling; enormous meters enclosed in wire cages that had been broken; iron catwalks stretching from one side to the other; rooms within rooms all holding their own story of what happened there. a serious source of inspiration for anybody with an imagination; dirty is not a word i would use to describe this place. it had of course dirt and grime from 40+ yrs, but this sort of soot got in you, aside from the literal sense, it got in your lungs, on your clothes and under your skin. i thought we had it bad until our camera man came!....we were pristine compared to what he had endured. to make matters a little more complicated, there was no working all the bottoms that day were really roughing it. i'm not sure how they did it. i didn't ask, i was too cold.



my scene partners were 3 other guys, one was with me and the two others were paired together. two boys from Italy who spoke barely a word of English and one local from a neighboring town. i had seen pics of my guy and thought him to b quite acceptable. this was the first example of an "enlightening" experience. the dude was cut, muscly, very lean, and very short, shorter than me. I'm only 5'7". and he smoked....a lot....he had obviously smoked for years b/c his skin, and his very being reeked of a ashtray, not pretty. it made things very difficult for me, but luckily i only had to poke him in the ass for a bit...shoot a load...and be done with it.

being in a place that u have never been to before, w/ its own currency and own language humbles you in a way that cannot be described. being home and encountering someone not from here, asking questions in broken English or acting in a way that is not "American" i have been guilty of impatience. i have since changed that behavior and when I encounter someone from abroad i am more accommodating, more patient and much more willing to take the time and treat them as i wish i would've been treated some times back in Berlin.


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