Johnny Hazzard breaks into the Rascal Video editing suite and watches the unedited raw footage of other hot studs getting it on. Thinking he's alone, Johnny starts jacking off and fantasizing about the sexy men in the video.

Johnny really gets into it when he watches Rascal exclusives Patrick Downs and Claudio Martin get it on in a high energy romance scene that satisfies the insatiable appetite of these two hot studs.

But that isn't even enough for Hazzard. He changes the video footage and finds Rascal exclusive Tristan Bennet playing a hustler for the hot as nails Owen Hawk. Tristan's excuse is that his car broke down and needs some fast cash to get it repaired. At first Owen resists and then finally he can't stop his urges and goes for broke in this scorching scene, one that's not to be missed.

Just as Hazzard is about to get off all over the editing suite, two tall dark and handsome delivery guys (Carlos Morales and Jack Ryan) unexpectedly show up at the Channel 1 offices for a late-night delivery and end up getting it on with Hazzard. The studs get some much needed time off the clock and this unexpected three way comes just at the right moment.


my fist scene directed by Doug Jeffries. Doug was my connection to all of this. we dated when i lived in Cleveland. we kept touch and when i moved to Boston he moved out west....that fateful morning when i decided to jump head first into the industry....i called him and told him my decision. he let out a roaring laugh and proclaimed he knew it would happen. the rest is history.

this was my first scene to require actual acting. it meant that i had to memorize lines. it was quite a change in working style let me tell you. the scene started with me walking through the studio at Channel 1, coming across a back room of reels of other guys doing some pretty dirty things. i started to handle myself in that special way when Carlos Morales and Jack Ryan interrupted me posing as delivery guys.....can u guess the line? Carlos Morales has got to be one of the most beautifully built men i've seen, standing at about 5'10", he has this beef about him, just thick muscles all over him. his cock is no exception, it's as thick as a beer can and has a length most of us would kill for. now his butt!.....fuck! his butt, man it's damn near perfect, another quality that i would not hesitate to maim for. i had the privilege to stick this piece of man for a while...i went to town on this man's ass, enjoying every moment of it. it was definitely a scene to remember - and one that i wouldn't hesitate to do again and again and again.

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