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Featuring over 100 of today's hottest porn stars packed into a tight 180 minutes of butt-slamming, facial-drizzling cum dumps, this tasty sampler from will soak your stick. Every major title from Chi Chi's Rascal Video is represented here - 25 hardcore scenes in all. From the sizzling debut Steele Ranger , the hilariously unbelievable bus-tour Jacked to Vegas (yes, the bus was moving!) all the way to Take One for the Team and the incomparably rough-n-rude 2nd Gear .

Other highlights include a fab montage of Jerry Douglas' 1972 Times Square sleazeathon The Back Row followed by a hardcore music-video version (by Sharon Kane and Koo Koo Boy) of Chi Chi's truly nasty award-winning 2001 remake.

Gag with delight over clips from the delicious and hot-as-a-mother deep-throating slopathons Oral Exams and Detention (flunk me; I'll take 'em over!) and many more. Expertly edited and packaged, this is one goodie bag that you'll go back to over and over. Awesome.

review by Keeneye Reeves


this really isn't a movie so much as a "collection" of hot and juicy tidbits from many other Rascal releases - 25 to be exact. i wouldn't have even included it here, but boywonder insisted since i am featured on the cover. sometimes i can be a real soft touch...

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