...another student in the mix, tattooed Johnny Hazzard seemed to have a lot of raw, rugged video sex appeal similar to Bo Garret and it will be interesting to see him in a more central role. He looks like a man that can carry a movie. So grab your school letter sweater, KY, and this video for trip down memory lane, remembering those naughty days when you were in Detention. Or wished you were.

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The climactic detention room orgy begins with Matt [Summers] expertly deep-gobbling five cocks in succession. While all these lovely cocks are being sucked and stroked off, Chad [Hunt] creeps unnoticed into the room, appraises the situation and instantly makes it a seven-way: he kneels to feast on the muy guapo cula of scruffy and tattoo'd Rascal Exclusive Johnny Hazzard (hot, muscled and delicious indeed).

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my very first scene, a group of 12 guys. i really wasn't nervous until the night before. i didn't sleep, at all! i tossed and turned and worried myself into a panic, stemming from absolutely nothing. after all, this wasn't anything i hadn't done before, but for some reason it was scaring me. Perhaps it was the size of Chad Hunt's enormous cock, and the thought of it up my ass or maybe it was the fear of failure. Whatever provoked my fear soon subsided when it came time to Johnny it up. it went seamlessly, i fucked and sucked my way through a stellar performance.

After it was done, i felt as if i could do a hundred more.... the next day anyway. Chi Chi was pleased, impressed even, and everybody, myself included, was confident that i could do it again. i had only one difficulty with the experience, one thing that i would have changed. The cast. All incredibly cool guys, but my type is much different than what was in my mouth and wrapping around my cock. i like 'em bigger and older. big muscly hairy MEN.... all i had to do was ask.

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