WINNER! Best All-Sex Video, Best DVD Special Edition, Best Group Sex Scene: Final Orgy - Johnny Hazzard, Rod Barry, Theo Blake, Alex LeMonde, Kyle Lewis, Dillon Press, Troy Punk, Shane Rollins, Rob Romoni, Anthony Shaw, Sebastian Tauza . . . 2005 GAYVN AWARDS.

The most ambitious film in Rascal Video's history (and one of 2004's most eagerly awaited) is also one of Chi Chi LaRue's true masterstrokes of filth, pun definitely intended. There are five different versions of the film - including two astonishing, totally unedited and very dirty Director's Cuts that were made exclusively for TLA Video by Chi Chi and Rascal Video.

The first sex scene is between Zak Spears and Johnny Hazzard. Zak, who looks amazing here as a big muscle daddy to Johnny's edgy sexpot with tats, eats up the scenery with his gruff manner, as well as Johnny's ass with a deep-rim. They trade blows, deep-throating each other, before Zak fucks the cum out of Johnny on a big glass desk in his white-on-white office (this is the future, so everything throughout is white, black or clear). The fucking here is so intense that it's a wonder the glass desk didn't shatter. Johnny then hooks up with Lance Gear in the next scene for a scorching flip-flop. They begin by trading blows and rims, Lance's pink-pink buttcrack shown up close and personal.


let's face it, Bolt was big - huge, in fact. set in a futuristic mode, with mechanical, leather infused handyman sex and a space age tone it was the perfect fit for me. and i had the privilege to hand pick my partners, which were based on fantasies i had complied over the last few years. lucky little boy am i.

this movie took about a year to complete. during that time i found it necessary to get a tattoo, i couldn't wait, i had that urge and it had to be satisfied. i didn't tell anybody i got the thing and i thought that Chi Chi might not notice. i couldn't have been more wrong. after some choice words of obvious distain she set to solve the problem. that's where the idea me being tattooed by Brandon Lee came from.

the first porn that i can remember was The Coach's Boys by Falcon. the only standout in that movie for me was Zak Spears. even as i type his name my knees go weak. his hairy chest, chiseled face and deep voice are enough to send my hand diving into my pants. upon learning that he was open to all companies i begged to work with him. did you get that? i fucking begged! Thankfully my request was honored and our scene was to b the focal point for the hottest release of the year...Bolt. Zak is perfect in my eyes, a man to b admired and perhaps even worshiped. our scene was nothing short of a dream come true for me, it has to b seen 2 b believed. the chemistry seems to jump right off the screen.



another fantasy man of mine....Lance Gear, that face alone is enough to get my juices flowing, and the ass on him is one in a million. our scene was a flip flop. um, HOT!!! 2 BAD THE MAN LIVES DOWN UNDER! i'd love to do another take - or 2.

the final dvd of the director's cut version of Bolt contains the orgy scene - 12 or so boys. it took about 12 hrs to film and from what i gather was a very good scene. those scenes are difficult to construct, what with 12 stage directions, and 12 dicks to man, and the lighting. i could go on, but i have limited space here. all in all, Bolt was my baby, men that i fantasized about were there, in front of me, inside me, there simply aren't words.


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