Chi Chi LaRue's What Men Do really doesn't warrant a big, heavy review because it's just wonderful in the extreme. Chi Chi's gathered the hottest sticks of dynamite in town, tossed in a lighted match and filmed the explosion.

Coverstar Hazzard (he of the cute tattoos and body that just won't quit) is cementing his celebrity status with talented fuck-feats like the one here. Who'd have thought that someone "fresh off the bus" could become so polished a performer so quickly?

It's another of the all-sex, no story cockathons Chi Chi excels at. This one finds Hazzarddriving round the city, imagining the guys he sees in sleazy environments doing the kind of unwholesome activities that get us all rock-hard and destined for Hell.

portion of review by Froufrou A. Gogo


i don't really remember much about my feelings before the filming, but i do remember getting to the studio and meeting my co-star Gus Mattox for the first time. when i looked at him, we locked eyes and i felt a little jolt in the tip of my cock, and a little tingling in my knees. both are tell-tale signs that an attraction exists. This was the first of two scenes i had in the movie. Gus and I had a third w/ us. his name is Gage Matthews, fuckin' ho.o.o.oT.....shaved head, bubble butt, the kind of moustache that drapes the corners of his mouth extending to his chin, and a muscly, hairy body. i get paid to do this, life is good.

Again, another perfect performance by all....we each had the opportunity to use the sling, i got my ass plugged by Gus in one of my favorite positions. the other scene involves Tag Adams, a great guy, physically we look really good together, i enjoyed our time together. there is a scene in the movie of me squatting down in the bathroom poking my buddy Tags butt as he sits on me and rides it. it looks good, it felt good being up him like that, but wow that position was rather uncomfortable, and i held it for a while. sometimes what seemingly looks like a really hot and enjoyable scene may very well have tested the limits of pain and balance! to me, it adds to the magic of the process, the challenge is part of what i enjoy.



the second scene was the red set with the sling, i had the pleasure of working with Falcon Exclusive Gus Mattox and the who knows where, Gage Matthews. both men are my type, totally! Gus is burly, hairy and had a very comfortable way about him. Gage is a bit taller, bigger than me, but really solid with a shaved head. the scene consisting of one of us either in the sling or servicing somebody in the sling. the set was my favorite part, sorry guys. Hue Wilde is in charge of the sets...he's got an eye for it. He's also the lead camera man for Channel 1. the photos taken from that set inspired a picture book of the Live and Raw models for Rascal Video. he obviously knows what he does very well.

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