In director Chi Chi LaRue's "Stone Fox," Eddie Stone is as hard working as he is gorgeous. He plows his way through all the scenes treating each partner as if he's the last one he'll ever have. He performs splendidly throughout, and seems to get better in each one. It helps that his partners are every bit as sexually ferocious as he -- so the entire flick snaps, crackles and pops with electricity. The plot is simple: Eddie waits for a train and flips through a magazine. Every ad containing a good-looking man spurs a fantasy. . .

The first subject is Johnny Hazzard. Their scene takes place in an entirely blue room (set design and decoration are major forces in this film, and thankfully so) with nothing but a plastic orb chair descended from the ceiling. At the beginning, all-American brunet Eddie, with features as chiseled as his body, sits in the chair trading looks and touches with the much more dangerous looking Johnny, tattooed and a lot rougher. Both are the epitome of their looks. Eddie finally dismounts and blows Johnny with tons of force and a superb deep-throat. He opens wide for the camera and snaps it up to the pubes.


this was my first scene with Eddie Stone. we had only recently met and barely had any chance to spend time together. since that time we have become great friends, but we haven't done a second solo scene together. i don't think that means anything necessarily, but i doubt it will happen again.

the set was impeccable, i was a little jealous, his movie sets all throughout the flick were elaborately colored with futuristic tones. Our scene had a blue satin cloth as a backdrop and floor with a plastic chair cut from a sphere in half suspended from the ceiling. (just like the one used in the Herb Ritts shoot with Donatalla Versace) my skills of balance and patience were put to use as we tried to screw each other while keeping the chair stable. i enjoyed the acrobatics. i think Eddie could have done w/o it honestly.

i arrived in LA the night before from Boston. on the plane i had lost one of my colored contacts. i had decided to jazz things up a bit and purchase gray contact lenses from my ophthalmologist. so i arrived on the set looking like a husky, one brown eye and one gray eye. every now and then this little devil comes out to stir up some mischief. i don't believe that u can see it in the movie but, if you look closely at the still photos you are sure to notice. *wink*

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